How To: Wrapping Door Panel Inserts (Camaro)

So we all have looked at cloth interior when its aged. not pretty. so i decided to wrap mine in black vinyl to fresh up the interior.

Step 1:
Pull off the panel and look behind it, cut the top half of the insulation off to reveal the plastic rivets. (your choice to put it back on when your done)

Step 2:
Pop the plastic rivets off the panel. there are several ways of re-attaching them so dont worry.

this picture shows the rivets when the insulation is pulled off.

Step 3:
Along the top of the panel there are heavy duty staples. REAL tough bitches too. pry the ends up with a flathead, and with a needle-nose bend them straight. there should only be about 6 to do.

Pull them out but DONT LOSE THEM. you will be using them for re-attachment.

by now the panel should be off and ready to wrap.

this picture shows the heavy duty staples.

Step 4:
Now the panel is off you can wrap it, use any procedure that you like, ill warn you tho if you pull the old cloth off, you will peel off the cushion underneath it. ( I left it on and used spray adhesive for the flat areas, and contact cement for the edges of the fabric.

just showing what my fabric will look like.

Step 5:
The panel(s) should now be completely wrapped and ready to go back on.
this part may be a little sketchy to you but just stay calm and youll be fine.

prop up the panel and line up the ‘X’s to the rivet holes. once they are lined you can use staples to hold everything in place. after they are held in place you can use plastic epoxy or some type of heavy duty glue, i used perma-poxys plastic weld.
the staples allow you to let the epoxy set and dry properly.

Step 6:
The panel is now re-attached and all you have is the part up top.
Now you did remember to save those staples… RIIIIGHT?
use them here. poke each end through it and bend the ends like they were. and make sure they are tight.

Step 7:
Re-install your door panel.




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