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1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 royale brougham

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bought this car in 2003. it had broken engine. they guy who owned it drove too fast, too hard with too little water in the system. result: two pistons holes melted in to them, block was warped, heads too. rebuild the engine and kept it stock. great car, very solid frame and floors. interior has had better days, but still good overall. overall bodywork is solid too, except for the doors, these are rotted on the underside..

don't mind the rattlecan spraymarks. its getting repainted, but the 'Bird has first priority.

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I like it. The wheels look great on it.
oh crap. forgot to mention that i had the stock (ralley?) wheels widened. it sits on 235/60/15 in the front and 275/60/15 in the back. the wheels were stock 15x8, i think, and are now 15x9 (front) and 15x10 (rear) it also has a glasspack muffler from cherrybomb, wich gives the rather small 307 a dark and deep rumble. also converted the stock sealed beams to H4, for that little extra light at night..
Haha the ever popular Cherrybomb. I prefer personally the purple hornies by Holley. But good luck finding them at all.

Must say though that it look decient. Least you sprayed the bad spots before the could rust. :icon15:
different yet sweet how do the purple hornies sound compared to lets say a flowmaster? i hear there loud
Ahhhhh the ol' 88 Royale' ........ actually had a couple of friends with those and well lets just say the memories I have were to happen today, I would probably be in jail serving 3 to 6 years with good behavior.... lol By the way I use to love the two door 98 broughams aswell as a kid.
I need some info I wanna do true duals intake and carb on my 84 delta any help ?
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