For Sale: 1999 Camaro with 5.7L Engine and 6-Speed M.T. Aluminum driveshaft for M.T. and 350 A.T. with yoke. The driveshaft measures about 40.9" from C/L/ U-joint to C/L/ U-joint. The tube diameter measures 3.0" in diameter. The total length of the driveshaft = 6.1"+/- (end of yoke to C/L U-joint) + 40.9" C/L (C/L U-joint to C/L U-joint) + 0.9" +/- = 47.9" +/-.
The sticker on the driveshaft is "THREE RIVERS", "12559525", "AA", and "00024346". The 27-spline (26 splines plus space) slip yoke measures 1.5" in diameter. and the effective length measures 4".

According to GM Parts History GM # 12559525 was replaced by GM # 12564003 in August 2001. Also, as of August 2001 GM # 12564003 is interchangeable with GM # 12564004.
The GM Heritage Site describes the driveshaft for a 1999 Camaro with 5.7L engine and 6-Speed M.T. as "3.0 X 40.9 X 0.083 in." (see photo #10).
I could not find any information describing the 2000-2002 Camaro driveshafts in the GM Heritage site.

I bought this driveshaft on Ebay about 10 years ago to install on my 1994 Z28 but never did.
The driveshaft and yoke are in very good condition and the U-joints seem to be fine but should probably be replaced just to be safe.

As usual, potential buyers should do their own research when buying "correct" or replacement parts for their car.

$75 for the used driveshaft as shown plus shipping cost
If interested, SEND ME A PM.