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As some of you may know, me and a few of my friends have been inviting members to come out cruise and hang out with us for our monthly meet, just trying to meet new people and have a great time. The last two or our first two invites have been great, especially the Midnight Movie Meet up we did not too long ago and our first cruise to PCH was a time to remember. I would like to say that our gathering has Officially changed to the third Saturday of the month. And to celebrate this occasion we have spoken to one of our club members boss to have a promotional Muscle Car Show and Grand Opening. What this means is, we get to have all of you to attend our meet that day and the advantage is you get to show off your car to US other enthusiasts and we can meet more and newer people, something we always wanted to do. So this gives us the ability to gather around and hang out have a great time, there will be free drinks and food only for the people that come along with their Ls1 or other muscle cars. This also brings people outside our group to look at all of our cars and attract a wide body of people that will appreciate our cars. I'm sure as all of you may know and as do we attract a few lookie-loos to our gatherings, this is something a bit bigger than what we're used to, lol.
The store that is letting us hold up this big event is MAX MUSCLE, we have permission to display our cars and lounge the parking lot that afternoon. I say this a lot but I do hope all the people that have met us along the way and MORE will attend this, I do really hope ALL of you come, it will be pretty sick to say the least.
2920 South Archibald
Ontario, CA 91761
APRIL 18, 2009
12 o'clock Noon
All of you,
Free Drinks and Food (bring your Muscle Car of course any year any color)
I will UPDATE this first post when anything comes up.
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