N.O.S. (New Old Stock) Cooling Fan Motors for 1990-1995 Camaro and Firebird models with 5.7L engine, GM # 19189087 and AC Delco # 15-80033 according to my research. I bought these 2 fan motors for my 1994 Camaro Z28 with 6-Speed M.T. but never installed them. They were spare parts, just in case. Potential buyers should do their own research to determine if these fan motors are correct for their car. Photo # 7 has a list of fan motor part numbers that are interchangeable which includes GM # 19189087. Each AC Delco box is dated 1995 on the bottom left side of the label. Each fan motor has a "UNIMOTOR 15380 12V 122251 MADE IN CANADA" sticker on it.
Shipping will be via the USPS or UPS ground whichever is the least expensive.
If interested, send me a PM.