For Sale: An original left side Exhaust Manifold w/A.I.R. tapped holes for 1967 and 1968 Camaro Z28 models. The casting number is "3892683" and the casting date is "C 1 8" (March 1, 1968) or it might be "G 1 8" (July 1, 1968) as the month of the date code is hard to read.

The exhaust manifold is generally in good condition EXCEPT that it there are 2 broken studs on the bottom end (see photos #6 & #8) that are supposed to bolt up to the exhaust pipe. The 2 broken studs need to be drilled out and re-tapped. One of the holes needs to be filled with weld before drilling.
The 4 A.I.R. holes appear to be in good condition but the treads probably should be cleaned up with the proper sized tap.

$50 for the 3892683 exhaust manifold plus shipping cost and PayPal fee (if applicable).
The exhaust manifold will be shipped in a 24" X 12" X 5" box weighing 16 lbs. via UPS Ground from zip code 03054.
If interested send me a PM.