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1995 Trans Am
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Ok so a couple of questions I have a T5 transmission 5 speed is there anything besides the extended pilot bearing that I need to get to make them work together ? Flywheel ? Spline ?

2.)So my 350 came out of a 87 so it's carbed and the 3.4 is fuel injected how do I make the switch and what about the wiring do I just cut that out of the harness ?

3.)What about this so I don't have a computer or harness for my 350 , I still have the v6 computer and harness what I'm I gonna need to do about this and all the wiring?
I believe the bell housing is very different as well as all electrical components. Fuel pump and probably the fuel lines. I’m finding that going from gen 2 to gen 3 350 to 350 v8s don’t even interchange. I’m going for a parts car myself. You will find almost everything is wrong going from a 6 cyl to a V8. But I’m sure you’ll be happy with it after the nightmare. I may sell my powertrain Complete so I can upgrade to LS.
My car runs perfectly and hauls A$$ now if you wanted a video of a burnout 0-60 I have it I’ll consider selling it right out of my car to help with my ordeal. I’m pretty confident in the info I shared but if you find a mistake I’m happy to be corrected. I won’t be able to use any of my electronics either. I’m building a race car if it all works out.
good luck!
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