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I'm at a bit of a conundrum. My wife loves the 70-73 models. She also loves T-tops.

Soooo, do I find a 78 and up and convert it to a 70-73 or find a 70-73 and graft in a T-top roof?

I am well aware of the difficulty of a late to early conversion as far the rear body is concerned although I am not gonna worry about installing the small rear window. I also don't plan on converting the interior.

I am wondering what the structural reinforcements are on a T-top car. If it's just the roof that's reinforced that might be a plus if I can find a T-top roof donor.

I'm not interested in discussing why I would "ruin" a perfectly good car to do this I just would like to get educated on what my options are and what I am up against. Once I get this preliminary research done I can decide if I even want to consider this project. If I can talk her into a non T-top car, problem solved!


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